Witness History – Paddy Doyle

Former 2 Para Member Paddy Doyle is in Reach of the historical 700th fitness endurance milestone.

Wintery cold mornings, heavy snow and ankle-deep heavy rain has not stopped former 2 Para member Paddy Doyle set and break 699 documented fitness endurance challenges and World Records. So on 8 January 2022 will be a major historical milestone for the GB endurance athlete who will be aiming to gain his 700th strength speed stamina sporting feat.

Doyle has to complete a cross country 14 miler carrying 60lb backpack, aiming to reach the finish line at 1 pm. Once Doyle crosses the finish line he will be the first GB endurance to have achieved the most physical fitness challenges and World Records covering 8 different sporting categories.

The venue is the Famous Atherstone Country Golf Club North Warwickshire.

” I am ready and prepped to go hard work and dedication does pay off, to become a champion and World Record Holder is down to my support team over the years and 506 platoon Parachute Regiment training staff.”

All Paras are welcome to witness History

Facts – 93 entries in 27 various editions of the Guinness Book of World Records. 20 entry’s Guinness World Records website www.guinnessworldrecords.com . 26 entry’s Sports listed in the Book of of Alternative Recordshttp://www.world-record-company.com/Picture Credit David Hastings