Veteran Opportunity

Are you a veteran? Are you looking for a new opportunity? Do you fit the criteria below? If so, read on.

SAP National Security Services is a security infrastructure software company which, through a non-profit arm called NS2 Serves, offers free technical training through the running of an intense 3-month programme to helptrain, qualify and find jobs for veterans. 

  • Who is eligible? 
    • 0-7 years out of military
    • Honourably discharged
    • High school / Secondary School or GED equivalent
    • No IT experience needed
    • Suggestion is all veterans.  Technical aptitude is not limited to STEM related cap badges.
  • Financial arrangements?
    • Our partner, the Cloud Leadership Centre, is working to cover the travel fees to the United States.
    • All course fees will be covered by NS2, at no cost to the student.
    • Any personal travel on weekends in the United States will be covered by the student.
  • Are job vacancies available in the UK and would similar opportunities be available following training?
    • The program presently holds a 100% success rate in placing veterans after the program. Our partner company that helped identify the situation is working with partners in the industry to identify employment opportunities for our veterans.
  • How many nominations are they after? 
    • There will be two individuals chosen, but initial suggestions are that they need 5-10 nominations for selection. 
  • Are you available to go to the US (the next course starts in Spring 19 in Leesburg, Virginia, USA)

The intent here is that these 2 places are secured by Infantry veterans. 

In 2017 2 x AAC L/Cpls were selected and did exceptionally well – top of the course and now employed in the UK by Deloitte – (Page 8 of December 18 Soldier magazine).

Anyone interested should respond by email to: