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About as close as i got to seeing a jaguar but as i look back at everything what has just happend, the good times, the bad times, I would go do that all again tomorrow if I could and with the same lot of people I met.

Leaving for the airport to fly home and show and tell everybody about this amazing adventure ive been on.

Thanks for everyone’s help and support and who has followed me all the way. There’s only one last thing and that’s to hit my target of £10,000 So thanks for all who has sponsored and if you haven’t stop being tight and dig deep… Its for

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Over 5000 meters above sea level, it takes time for your body to adjust to these altitudes.


When looking for a Charity, please consider donating to this … Ant is a serving soldier with 3 Para … please read and save for your next branch meeting.

 Ultra Marathon
Ant Herbie Hyde


I am a serving soldier of the 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment and I am sharing my page with you so you can follow my journey and progress of me training and doing a Ultra Marathon though the Amazon jungle in Peru on the 3rd of June 2018. It is a 230km self-sufficient race and done in 5 days.

I am doing this for the charity Support Our Paras so any help or support for you lot would be great. This is my Facebook page (Support our Paras Jungle Ultra Marathon) and there is a donate page linked up to it.

Please follow, share and invite to my page before you hit the pubs, for more information on my ultra marathon and the charity click the link below.

This is what I will be taking part in on the 3rd June 2018 for Support our Paras charity.

Day 1 – 23.6 miles
Day 2 – 21.1 miles
Day 3 – 18.6 miles
Day 4 – 18.6 miles
Day 5 – 43.4 – 57.1 miles

The course runs from the Andes Mountains to the Madre di Dios River, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees during the day and dropping to 10 degrees at night.

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