The NHS and Care Homes

   –We Must Protect and Care for Them

To All Airborne Friends,

A few weeks ago, a number of colleagues formed an alliance to develop a plan to supply much needed PPE to the NHS and Care Homes, both of which are suffering from chronic shortages.  We are all aware of the problems pertaining to the management of the NHS, but the battle before us is to raise as much money as possible to procure large volumes of PPE equipment quickly for distribution to the NHS and Care Homes.

UK MASK FORCE has been incorporated to fulfil that challenge with 100% of all monies raised going towards the purchase of FFP2 and FFP3 Face Masks, to be followed with other essential PPE items.  The team is heavily weighted with ex-military and particularly with ex-airborne. Lt Gen Louis Lillywhite, who commanded 23 PARA Field Ambulance, has taken the important role of Senior Medical Advisor and in the background, is General Sir Mike Jackson, who like me advises where needed. All the ex-military involved are highlighted below and their details are on the website.                                                                                                                    

This venture has been set up covering every aspect in great detail – medical, legal, accounting, PR, logistics, procurement, distribution and operations management. The unique strength, and perhaps the most important, is having one’s own people on the ground in China working directly with the factories to make certain the PPE is made to the standards required here in the UK. We also intend to purchase locally where possible.

The Airborne Network is the launch pad and this notice signals the beginning, although I am quite amazed by the amount of money already donated by those who seem to have heard about the project by word of mouth.

Please look at the website by going to and I ask you to donate generously and/or to pass this on to everyone you know. This virus is not going away quickly and those doctors, nurses and care workers at the sharp end, helping to save lives, need every assistance they can get. UK Mask Force will do its very best to provide as much PPE as possible and help to draw this crisis in UK to a close.

Thank you for your support.

 Alastair Ralston-Saul

(Formerly 1 PARA and 10 PARA)