PRA Executive Committee AGM (Online) Monday 22 Sept 2021

The presentation was required as approval was required from the Executive Committee at the AGM 2021 due to the June 2021 meeting at the NMA being cancelled.

Members were provided with a view of the 2020 Report & Accounts.

They were reminded that the financial year runs from January to December. The independent examination was undertaken by Bright Brown Ltd earlier this year in accordance with the Statement of Recommended Practice, Financial Reporting Standard 102 which the Executive Committee agreed to use at their October 2015 meeting.

Those present were talked through the full document during the explanation of Financial Activity and expenditure for the year.

Please see below a link to the accounts of The Parachute Regimental Association for 2020. These accounts are submitted and audited on an annual basis. If anyone has any queries regarding these accounts they should contact the Secretary on: