The Greame Warrack Room

Please visited the small museum on the Dutch Military base of the Dutch Military Police in Apeldoorn Koning Willem III Barracks.

This museum consist of just one room and this room is named: The Greame Warrack Room. This is the room were Colonel Greame Warrack worked, slept and escaped. In this room are the actual artifacts such as the closet, desk, and many other items which are donated, etc for not only Colonel Greame Warrack, but also for the 1800 wounded men who were taken care of until they were transported to Germany in October 1944.

The Greame Warrack Room

This small museum is maintained for many many years by Capt. M. Tattersall – Protocal Officer, Military Police. In this time, this museum and himself have been visited by the family of Greame Warrack, the families of the Dutch Resistance who helped him escape and many veterans who unfortunately have passed on. Why am i writing you this! In so many words, Mr. Tattesall told me that nobody of the families of the veterans are visiting this small but original museum anymore in Sept or any other month.

Well worth a visit … a very large part of our history

Graeme was determined to avoid this fate and discovered a ‘hidey-hole’ above his office which could be reached through a panel in one of the cupboards in his office. He disappeared into this on 17th October with the intention of coming out later and reaching the Allied lines. This is what he did and after making contact with the Dutch underground took part in the abortive Pegasus 2 escape attempt. He actually reached Allied lines in February 1945. He was awarded a DSO for his service at Arnhem … Read more on Paradata

Busses have been arranged at the Airborne Museum to take the veterans to Apeldoorn, but the Airborne Museum did not put this museum in their program!!!!. I personally believe, that many many families of veterans don’t even know that this timecapsule exist. My question to you is, would you and your members be interested to come in contact with Email link >>> Capt. M. Tattersall <<< for future visites and that this small but exclusive museum is included during commemorations and known by all family members of the veterans who fought and died at Arnhem … Phone 31553573713

Many thanks to Terence Crawford, Amsterdam, +31648105469
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