Please see below details of an event organised by the Swedish Paratroopers Association for all you adventure junkies out there.

Dear Sirs,

my name is Thomas Hagman and I´m the chairman of the Swedish Paratroopers Veterans Association.

For a number of years we have arranged various outdoor activities together with the Finnish Paratroopers Veterans, the Swedish Marines Veterans and the Finnish Marines Veterans. We have done winter marches in the Swedish mountains, kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago and canoeing in the rivers of northern Finland among other things.

Our plan is to arrange a winter march around Kebnekaise (the highest peak in Sweden), 120 km north of the Arctic Circle, from the 23 of March to the 27 of March 2020, together with our friends from Finland.  I hereby would like to invite 4-6 members from Your veterans association to join us in our winter march.

The plan is to gather in Kiruna (Kalixfors camp, 12 km south of Kiruna) on the 22 of March for preparations,  leave by bus to Nikkaloukta (65 km west of Kiruna) early on the 23 of March and return to Kiruna (Kalixfors camp) on the 27 of March.

Accommodation and food will be provided in Kalixfors camp during the day(s) of preparation and when we come back from the mountains. We can also leave things that we don´t need during the march, in the camp.

The aim of the march is to have a nice experience in the Swedish mountains together with new and old friends, but all participants must be aware that the weather can be very harsh with extremely low temperature and very strong winds. For that reason it is important that all participants are able take care of themselves and their equipment under rough circumstances.  All participants are expected to carry their own equipment, or use a pulk, for around 20 km/day. Enclosed are some pictures from the march in 2017, in order to give you an idea of what to expect.

The cost for participating in the march will be 100 Euro/100 GBP per participant for the bus transport to and from Nikkaloukta, and around 8-10 Euro/8-10 GBP per meal in the camp in Kalixfors (during the preparations and after the march).

If You have members that are interested in participating in the mountainmarch 2020 please let me know before 1 of January 2020. I will then provide more detailed information about the timings, places, procedures and necessary equipment during the event.

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to let me know!

Best wishes!

Thomas Hagman


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