Prosper Keating

HERMES Editor & Editorial Consultant

Prosper Keating is the PRA’s Editorial Consultant and Editor of the Association’s online journal HERMES. Prosper served with 10 PARA from 1983 to 1993 first with 4 Coy and then HQ Coy with the Intelligence Section and Signals Platoon as a Regimental Signals Instructor. Some of his media and consultancy credits can be seen at As well as editorial posts on a range of mainstream magazines like Vogue and Vogue Hommes International, Prosper was involved in the launch of various independent fashion and subculture titles in England and France. He has worked as a writer on several documentary projects, including the award-winning documentary Terror’s Advocate, and has written and edited a number of books.

Prosper sees his pro bono PRA-related activities as a repayment of his debt to The Parachute Regiment, which gave him the stability and sense of purpose to build a career after a troubled youth. His interests include old but fast English motorcycles, Rockabilly music and collecting decorations and medals.

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