Paul Raison


Paul Raison joined the Junior Parachute Company on 24 June 1980 in Aldershot. Posted to A Coy 3 PARA in Sep 1981, he served in the Falkland Islands Campaign in 1982. Later the same year, he attended the Mortar Cadre and remained in 3 PARA until Dec 1996 where he served in both SP Coy, C Coy in Northern Ireland and B Coy as a Platoon Sgt in Aldershot, whilst on the AMF(L) in Norway.

After a 6-month tour in Belize as the Chief Instructor of the Jungle Warfare Training Team, he was posted to the Mortar Division, Warminster as a C/Sgt. In Dec 1998 he was posted to 2 PARA, initially employed as the CQMS of SP Coy he was promoted to CSM SP Coy in Feb 2000 and oversaw the move of the Coy from Aldershot to Colchester. Following a short operational tour in Macedonia (2001) and Kabul, Afghanistan (2002) he was promoted to RQMS in 2002 and subsequently to RSM 2 PARA in Apr 2003. In this appointment, he deployed with the battalion to Iraq on Op TELIC.

Commissioned into 2 PARA in Apr 2005, he held the posts of Regimental Career Management Officer, Motor Transport Officer and Quartermaster (Technical) where he deployed to Afghanistan on Op HERRICK in 2008.

Promoted to Major, he returned to 3 PARA in Jul 2009 as the Quartermaster he remained with the battalion as OC HQ Coy, where he remained until May 2012. He then served as the Regimental Adjutant at RHQ PARA until Jan 2014.

Moving away from Regimental Duty, he was posted to the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) Canada, as the senior lead on Combat Service Support Training for Brigade level Armoured Battle Groups. Major Paul Raison retired in July 2016 after over 36 years service.

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