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I served in 4 PARA from 1980-1998. Prior to this, l had served in the Grenadier Guards from 1974-1979. During my service with 4 PARA l held the following SNCO appointments: CSM B Coy Oldham, Trg/Recruit WO and CSM HQ Coy Pudsey and finally CSM 13 Coy Liverpool. I left 4 PARA following the SDSR and the disbandment of 13 Coy.

I subsequently served as the Infantry Trg WO at Sheffield University OTC until l was mobilised in 2001 to serve in the Balkans. Following that TOD in 2002, I entered into a FTRS(FC) post taking up the appointment of the Command Labour Support Warrant Officer (acting WO1) at Army HQ (Wilton). During this period l deployed on Op Tours to Iraq (TELIC 1/2) and an extended (15 month) Pan Balkan (Bosnia/Kosovo) tour. l was commissioned into the RLC from the Parachute Regiment in 2005 whilst based at Army HQ.

I was subsequently posted to JHQ Germany as 2IC (Capt) of the Rhine Area Labour Support Unit (RALSU). Following further tours in: The Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan in SO3/2 appointments and a subsequent appointment as SO2 Lab Sp at Army HQ (Andover), l deployed to the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK). I held the following appointments at BATUK during an 8 year deployment: SO2 Civil Labour Support Officer (CLSO), SO2 Business Change Officer and latterly SO2 Future Plans. I left Kenya on discharge and retirement from the Army in March 2020.

I was awarded the MBE for services in the Balkans in 2006.

I am currently the Welfare Officer for the Manchester PRA branch.

Mike Farrington

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