Northern Ireland Veteran to Face Charges

The Parachute Regiment cannot comment on the legal aspects of this case or any other of the current cases. However, The Regiment will do everything that it can for any of its veterans involved in the various Northern Ireland legacy cases, in terms of welfare and pastoral support and advice. Any former member of the Regiment who needs support or advice should get in touch with Paul Rodgers, who is our Regimental Legacy Officer. He can be reached on 01206 817072 or Veterans’ UK is also available to offer support and advice:….

The Colonel Commandant of The Parachute Regiment, Lt Gen Sir John Lorimer (Pictured), said: “We take our responsibilities for veteran welfare support extremely seriously. We have specific staff in our Regimental Headquarters who are able to advise former serving members of the Regiment on all matters relating to the ongoing cases. We are indebted to our Regimental predecessors, who served with such courage, sacrifice and dedication to duty to bring about peace and security in Northern Ireland.”