Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and
Reconciliation) Bill

A meeting is to be held at 1000hrs on 15 Jun 22 at HQ Army, Andover to enable various MOD agencies and the Veterans’ Commissioner, to brief and take questions on the NI Troubles (Information and Reconciliation) Bill which has passed its 2nd reading in Parliament last Tuesday.  Attendees will be asked to have taken the views of their Regimental Associations prior to the meeting so as to be in a position to provide feedback if at all possible.

To facilitate this RHQ PARA has asked that  the attached Bill is circulated to the ABN and PRA inviting any constructive comment that they may have to RHQ by 10 Jun 22.  Replies should be sent to so he can collate them and provide an overview to the meeting which he is now going to attend, although he is on leave at the time.

We appreciate that time lines are short, but the Army Operation Legacy Branch is keen to get information about the Bill out to the veteran community as quickly as possible and to gather any veterans’ views to provide feedback to NI.