The Pegasus Network

The Airborne Network started life as the Third Thursday luncheon club. The idea was to get useful people from all backgrounds along to network. It was later renamed as the Pegasus Network to show a backbone of Airborne Forces but …

788 Oudna Platoon Success

Marching 20 miles with a 35lb pack, getting through a 17m high assault course, a 2 mile ‘log’ race carrying a 60kg telegraph pole, digging and manning a ditch in temperatures of minus 5 with little sleep for 4 days…these …


3 PARA recently deployed 20 personnel on Ex EMERALD LEAP, an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course in Lake Elsinore, California, US.

The expedition was organised by Captain BL Balch and consisted of all ranks from within 3 PARA, with instructors being