**Please note that Association membership categories and Criteria are under review**

To apply for membership to The Parachute Regimental Association please complete the application form, which can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

Alternatively contact us at:

The membership categories at the present time are as follows:

1. Full Membership
Membership of the Association is available to: – ,
Whosoever has served as a qualified Military Parachutist in The Parachute Regiment is entitled to full membership.

2. Associate Membership
Associate Membership of the Association is available to:-
Whosoever has passed “P” Company and qualified as a Military Parachutist and served in a British Airborne/Air Assault or Special Forces unit may be considered
for associate membership of the Association.

3. Affiliate Membership
Affiliate Membership of the Association is available to:-
Those who have served, as qualified Military Parachutists in Foreign Airborne units may be considered for affiliate membership so long as they are able to prove their Airborne credentials to the full satisfaction of the Membership Secretary.

4. Family/Social Membership
Family/Social Membership of the Branch is available to:-
Those who do not qualify for Normal, Associate or Affiliate membership of the association but who can prove by showing the proper documentation to the Membership Secretary that either they or a blood relative served at some stage with the Parachute Regiment or Airborne Forces.

5. Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership of the Branch is available to:-
Any person, who in the opinion of the Branch Committee has rendered special service to the Branch and Association.


All applicants must provide proof of their service and proof of Parachute Qualification. These can be obtained from the Disclosure Cell at APC Glasgow if not in your possession. See application form for full details. Please note that this cannot be carried out by RHQ PARA due to the restrictions of the Data Protection Act.