Korean War MIA/No Known Grave

The “Glorious Glosters” feature heavily on the database of soldiers killed in Korea with no known grave. The Gloucestershire Regiment was already unique in history for being allowed to wear a cap badge on the front and rear of their berets after their famous battle in 1801 against Napoleonic forces in Egypt. The Battle of Imjin River saw 650 Glosters facing 10,000 Chinese soldiers. They bravely held their position for 3 days before they had to retreat. Most of the battalion were either killed or captured, with only 40 men being able to escape.

Nicola Nash from the JCCC said:

“We are currently attempting to gather the contact information of the families of these brave men who were killed during the Korean War but have no known grave. Although the process of tracing families, DNA testing and identification will probably take many years, we are hoping that as many families as possible will come forward after seeing our press appeals so that we are prepared.”

 Family members of those missing personnel who have no known grave are asked to call the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre on 01452 854622/855258.

 For more information please read the press appeal document below.


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