Do you know Sgt HAJ Browse?

Patrick Kelly, the Treasurer of the Blackbutt Returned Services League Sub-Branch in Australia has been in touch with RHQ PARA. Most of their members are from 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment. One of their members found a Pewter Mug at the local tip. After studying the inscription they believe it was presented to someone in 3 PARA in 1969. The inscription on the mug is “Presented to Sgt H.A.J. Browse By The Quartermaster Staff 3rd Bn The Parachute Regiment 1969”. There could be some sentimental value to either the Sgt or his family and if anyone knows the Sgt they are happy to return the Pewter Mug to the UK.

If you can provide any details of Sgt Browse or his family please let me know on: