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Veterans Minister Leo Docherty on Being Airborne

  • Posted on 29 Apr 2021
  • 03 min read
Leo Docherty on active service in Iraq –– All Rights Reserved

New Veterans Minister Leo Docherty MP is a member of the Aldershot branch of the PRA. He told us: “My Service with 16 Air Assault Brigade profoundly shaped the person I have become and I will take the magnificent spirit of the UK Airborne Forces with me in my role in Government. Looking forward as the Defence Minister for People and Veterans, I am determined that we deliver for our finest defence asset—our people.”.

Writing in The Times on March 14th 2019 in relation to the prosecutions of British Army veterans of the Ulster Troubles, Mr Docherty opined: “We cannot safeguard the hard-won reputation of the British Armed Forces as the world’s finest if we are tolerant, in any way, of wrong-doing of any kind.” before reminding readers that the accused veterans were investigated and cleared by due process at the time and making the point that “no new evidence is being laid before the courts.”.

Born in Glasgow and raised in Gloucestershire, Leo Docherty was commissioned into the Scots Guards in 2001 after studying Hindi and Swahili at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He saw active service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Leaving the Army as a Captain in 2007, he entered politics in 2011. He sat on the House of Commons Defence Select Committee from 2017 to 2019 before his appointment as Assistant Government Whip. He has been the Conservative Member of Parliament for Aldershot, Farnborough and Blackwater since 2017. Older members will recall Aldershot as the home of Depot Para until 1993. Leo Docherty is also a member of the Aldershot branch of the Parachute Regimental Association.

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