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Poem of the Month by Jock Love

  • Posted on 30 Sep 2021
  • 04 min read

Jock Love dedicates this poem to Captain Chris Dent of 2 PARA, killed in action below Darwin Hill on May 28th 1982.

From: James Love
Date: 28 September 2021 at 00:20:24 CEST
To: P Keating


Footnote :
Before we left our positions on Sussex Mountains.Chris Dent confided in me that his wife had just given birth to a baby girl.
We had travelled south at the end of our winter. Having arrived in the Falklands as theirs was beginning. It just seemed to me at the time, it was…….
Forever Autumn 


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To never savour autumn 
Or smell the burning leaves, 
Sniff the scent of pollen. 
From flowers and the trees 

To hear the children’s laughter, 
Of innocents at play, 
See the red of a sunset 
At the finish of your day. 

To hold a new-born babe, 
As you shelter from the rain 
Experience love and tenderness, 
Or the heartache and the pain 

All these things and more, 
Have I briefly been aware, 
But too never savour autumn? 
Or breathe its smoky airs.

Giajl © Jim Love 
Forever Autumn
For Capt. Chris Dent KIA 
28th May 1982

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