Fishing for Forces Lochlane and Laggan Fishings

Introduction. Lochlane & Laggan Fishings has riparian rights over a two and a half mile stretch of the River Earn between Comrie and Crieff. There are 32 named pools. Fishing is for Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout. There are 4 beats, each beat providing space for 3 rods which rotate daily.

Fishing. This season will have a number of rods that are not likely to be regularly fished so the committee have agreed to offer rods for the 2020 season to members of the Armed Forces, both serving and ex (veterans) and to offer it on either a daily or weekly basis for a one off fee of £25 per person to cover our own administrative costs.

The fishery at Lochlane & Laggan is both beautiful and tranquil, with three of the beats having excellent hut facilities. The majority of pools offer some stunning fly water. The River Earn is part of the Tay System but is a river in its own right, and not a tributary of the Tay, joining at its estuary. Historically, the Earn was known for many years as a sea trout fishery, and whilst it remains so, over the last few decades more salmon have been caught, but the last 2 to 3 years has seen a numerical decline in fish catches and a component of that being a reduction in the use of the fishing facilities. The Earn enjoys an early run of both sea trout and salmon, with the sizes of sea trout ranging to 4lb in March & April, and in the summer runs [usually June & July], 1lb – 3lb. The salmon start to run, with Spring fish in February and March, [8lb – 12lb], but [given water], often a decent summer run, and then a late September/October where bigger fish make a dash for the breeding grounds upstream.

Whilst we encourage Catch & Release of all species (except Rainbows), the River Earn is categorised as Grade 3 by the Scottish fishing authorities for 2020 which makes the retention of any salmon, for any reason, a criminal offence. So, all Salmon must be returned whatever the circumstances, dead or alive. 

Accommodation. Interested fly fishermen/women who live in Scotland will in many cases be able to travel daily and therefore may not be seeking local accommodation. For those who might be traveling from England or elsewhere, our fishing manager (contact details below) can recommend either a local estate, close to the river, offering both self-catering cottages and a Lodge for groups, that can be booked subject to availability. The Comrie and Crieff area also offers multiple choice B&B, self-cater and hotel accommodation accessible through Google and other search engines.

Stalking & Shooting. In conjunction with Lochlane & Laggan Fishings the company, MacIntyre and Thomson is able to advise and offer stalking, shooting and fishing (including loch fishing) on neighboring estates to the Earn but also throughout Scotland at normal commercial rates. This may appeal to those regiments, units, Naval and RAF bases looking for group sporting activities for serving personnel or family groups. Again, enquiries can be made to Dr Simon Wright as detailed below.

Rod Ownership, Rod and Equipment Hire.

  1. Rod ownership. Lochlane and Laggan will always have rods/rod weeks for sale allowing individual rod owners access to the River Earn on their selected/purchased week in perpetuity. This is something that Headquarters, Regiments, Units, Messes, Regimental Associations, Naval and RAF bases might wish to consider (as well as individuals), thus allowing their personnel the opportunity to fish the “unit week”. Enquiries to Dr Simon Wright.
  2. Lochlane and Laggan does have a limited supply of rods & reels for hire but not waders, please enquire.
  3. We recommend that all those fishing on the River Earn wear a suitable life jacket and carry/use a wading stick.

Week/Rod Availability.

At the time of going to print there are rods available in every week through the fishing season (13 Jan – 26 Oct) with the exception of week beginning 17 Oct. Rod availability can be anything from 9 rods to 1 rod in the week but can/will reduce as the year proceeds according to demand. Those interested are advised to contact Dr Simon Wright to enquire. Early application is advised to avoid disappointment.

Enquiries for fishing should be made to:

Dr Simon Wright,

MacIntyre and Thompson Ltd,

MacIntyre House, 7 Oak Drive,

Strathearn Gardens, Auchterader,

Perthshire, PH3 1GN.

Tel: 01764 662 682. Mob: 07984 662261

Email: or


For all enquiries about this opportunity, please quote “Lochlane & Laggan ERIP20”.