Friends of the Aldershot Bomb Memorial

Saturday, February 22, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm



  1. The 1972 Aldershot car bombing was an attack by the Official Irish Republican Army (Official IRA) on 22 February 1972 in Aldershot, England.  The bomb targeted the headquarters of the British Army’s 16th Parachute Brigade and was claimed as a revenge attack for Bloody Sunday.  Seven civilian staff (mostly female cleaners) were killed and 19 were wounded.  It was the Official IRA’s largest attack in Britain during “the Troubles” and one of the last major actions, before it declared a permanent ceasefire in May 1972.  Official IRA member Noel Jenkinson was convicted and imprisoned for his part in the bombing.
  1. The event has been commemorated annually from the year 2000 when the Para Brigade left for Colchester, attendance at this event has steadily increased, especially with the use of Social Media. As it is now of such a size, it is thought that the invitations, organisation and hosting should be handled by the Aldershot Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association.


  1. Date and time of event – 22 February 2020 @ 1215hrs at the Memorial, Pennefathers Road, Aldershot (Formerly Montgomery lines). This is a combined event and is open to all military and civilian persons – standards from the PRA and the RBL will be present.


  1. All those attending should aim to arrive at the venue by 1200hrs.

Co-ordinating Instructions

  1. Dress Code. Smart attire:
    1. Serving personnel: Service Dress/FAS uniform, Leather and Medals.
    2. Veterans: Parachute Regiment Mufti: Medals, White Shirts, Blazer with Badge, Grey Flannel Trousers, Black Shoes.
    3. Mayor of RBC – Robe, chain and badge of office.
  1. Car Parking: A limited amount of parking space is available adjacent to the memorial; street parking is also available within a short walking distance.
  1. For further information about the event. All interested parties should liaise with Mr Iain Rodgers, Chairman of the Aldershot PRA Branch.
  1. Service of Commemoration: You and/or your representatives are invited to join with us on 22 February 2020 for this Service of Commemoration in recognition of the loss of life and injury to those who were involved on the day and those who came to their aid. Please RSVP to the Chairman, by 22 January 2020 at the latest.