Arnhem Commemorations

Thursday, September 19, 2019 to Sunday, September 22, 2019


This year is the 75th Anniversary of Arnhem and it promises to be a large scale event.

If you have not booked already, you are strongly advised to do so at the earliest opportunity as hotels are filling up fast.

Tours International are the preferred supplier of Airborne Commemoration Pilgrimages for RHQ PARA and will be providing Pilgrimage Tours in 2018 to the Anniversaries for the Battles of Normandy and Arnhem.

Free places are available for Airborne Veterans and Widows of WW2 Veterans returning to the theatre in which they fought. This is very kindly funded by the Airborne Forces Security Fund.  The following combinations qualify for the places:

Veteran and Spouse               – 2 people

Veteran and Carer                  – 2 people

Veteran, Spouse and Carer   – 3 people

Widow(er) and Carer              – 2 people.

Those who qualify and are traveling with Tours International will receive the subsidy through the Tour Operator. Tours International can be contacted on: 01892 515825 or

Those traveling independently, through other travel companies or veteran organisations will be required to claim the subsidy through RHQ PARA. Please contact Admin on:  or Gwen Appleton on:  for further details and the application form.

The outline of events remains the same as in previous years however their may well be additional events held that have yet to be confirmed.

The outline programme is as follows:

0900    Fri 20 Sep 19     Stone of Friendship  Hartenstein Museum

1800    Fri 20 Sep 19     Airborne Plein            Bear Pit, John Frost Bridge

1000    Sat 21 Sep 19     Parachuting                 Ginkel Heath

1100    Sat 21 Sep 19      Memorial Service       Ginkel Heath

1500    Sat 21 Sep 19     Polish Service              Driel

0900   Sun 22 Sep 19   Memorial Service        Old Kirk

1100    Sun 22 Sep 19   Memorial Service        Oosterbeek CWGC Cemetery

All timings are event start times. You must allow plenty of time to travel to each location and take into account the volume of traffic and parking restrictions and limitations at various events.