Arnhem 2020

Thursday, September 17, 2020 to Sunday, September 20, 2020


Arnhem 2020 – Outline Brief

Please note that all events that are being held in Arnhem this year for the 76th Anniversary will be strictly controlled and are by invitation only. This includes:

The Airborne Plein (Arnhem)

Ginkel Heath



There will be no Parachuting at Ginkel Heath on the Saturday as the Exercise to support this will finish on Friday 18 September 20. There will be no stands or stalls.

Access to the Cemetery on Sunday 19 September will be restricted while a short service of Remembrance takes place. There will be no public access at this time.

 An important message from the Arnhem Fellowship regarding the Arnhem 76th Commemorations this September – In brief – all Fellowship events have now been cancelled.

“The Committee has been recently discussing the current situation we are all facing no matter what country you are reading this in.

In the Netherlands whilst pubs, restaurants and cafes are open there is a 1.5 metre distance rule and large gatherings are forbidden. Whilst in the UK, as I write this, the country is lifting restrictions there is still a 15-day quarantine period from some countries. The threat of re-imposing restrictions if the coronavirus outbreak takes off again hangs over all of us.

A meeting was held recently by the Airborne Commemoration Foundation at which the Fellowship was represented. The main result from this meeting was advice to the veterans not to travel in September. Additionally, whilst the ‘normal’ ceremonies such as the bridge on the Friday and the cemetery on the Sunday are planned to go ahead; attendance will be as we understand by invitation only and the public advised not to attend even from a distance. As previously advised there will be a limited ceremony at Ginkel Heath again by invitation only.

We cannot guarantee that even if we made plans to go ahead with some limited Fellowship events that there will not be local or temporary lockdowns or travel bans/restrictions imposed in any European country over the coming months.

We believe that these events may be streamed online and will update the website with any links, when we are advised and also via a newsflash.

The Committee have therefore come to the difficult decision to CANCEL all Fellowship arrangements and events for the September commemoration.

However, on a positive note we hope to carry on ‘as usual’ in September 2021 at the 77th commemoration. The AGM on the Friday morning of the commemoration weekend and it is hoped that Allan Smith will lead a 75th anniversary of the premiere of Theirs is the Glory walk as the Fellowship walk on the Friday afternoon. We plan to support any veterans who are able to attend with the usual marquee at Ginkel Heath on the Saturday.

It is realised this will be disappointing news but given the uncertainty and to enable us to cancel what arrangements we had put in place without financial penalties we felt it best to take the course of action we have at this time.