Airborne Forces Day – South

Saturday, June 29, 2019



Airborne Forces Day & 10 Para Reunion will take place on Sat 29 June 19. The event will be held in conjunction with Armed Forces Day (AFD) in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (PHD).

Celebrating the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces along with the annual 10 PARA Reunion.

Portsmouth Armed Forces Day (AFD), incorporating ABF Day South will this year be in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (PHD), centred around the Arena area next to HMS Victory.  It was hoped to run it back on Southsea Common this year, but the late confirmation of Portsmouth being the national lead for the D-Day events, decisions had to be made by Portsmouth City Council that would still make both events attractive to the public and unique, whilst keeping the event costs in terms of security and policing, within resource.

It has been requested that the Airborne Veteran’s have their own bar or area that can be reserved for them.  This is being followed up by the Portsmouth County Council events team as there is already a Licensing agreement in place within PHD.  More details will be available soon.

PCC has agreed that we can ‘brand’ ABF Day as part of Portsmouth AFD for any advertising etc.  The event will take place on Saturday 29th June.  Entrance will be free to the Veteran’s and families.

Access will be through Victory Gate opposite HMS Warrior.  Entry into the Museum or onto the historic ships will be at personal expense.

There will be a Parade and March Past.  The XO and Senior Naval Warrant Officer are organising this part of teh event. There are likely to be three Inspecting Officers; the Captain of the Base (COB), Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire and Maj Gen (Retd) Chip Chapman CB.  General Chapman will inspect the Airborne Guard, possibly accompanied by General Fritz of the German Fallshirmjager Association.  The detail of the parade and format has not been finalised yet.  The next meeting will be held at PCC on Wednesday 22nd May and all should be confirmed by then.

A Pompey Paras website is under construction and more details of this will be availble soon.

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