We are delighted to inform you that The Airborne Forces Security Fund (AFSF) and the Parachute Regiment Charity (PRC) will merge on 1st January 2020, to form The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces Charity (PRAFC). The Trustees of the AFSF and PRC have given this merger very careful consideration.

The PRAFC will use the ‘Support our Paras’ trading name. The executive staff will be based in Regimental Headquarters The Parachute Regiment, in Merville Barracks, Colchester. The first chair of the PRAFC will be Lieutenant General Sir John Lorimer.

The AFSF and PRC are merging because their objects are almost identical. By merging, the PRAFC will deliver, in the words of the PRAFC’s vision statement: ‘a single, agile and well-governed charity, whose Trustees understand the Regimental and wider Airborne family, and who take a strategic view of the needs of the Regiment, its soldiers and veterans, their dependants and its history, balancing today’s requirements with those of tomorrow.’

The PRAFC is conscious of its heritage, its relationship with The Parachute Regimental Association, and of The Parachute Regiment’s place in 16 Air Assault Brigade and Joint Forces Command.  It will show the same respect for the primacy of other Corps and Regimental charities as its predecessors and will continue to consider charitable support to parachute trained members of the wider Airborne and Special Forces community, where appropriate.

There is no need to take any action to re-write wills.  Bequests to the AFSF and the PRC will go to the PRAFC, and the change of name will not activate secondary beneficiaries. 

This message will be transmitted to a wide range of audiences through a number of channels. As the outgoing Chairs of the AFSF and PRC, we are most grateful to you for all your support in the past. We ask that you give the PRAFC the same consideration in the future.

Lt Gen Sir John Lorimer KCB DSO MBE          Maj Gen Jonathan Shaw CB CBE

Chairman                                                              Chairman

The Parachute Regiment Charity             The Airborne Forces Security Fund