Borneo 1964-1966

Sarawak, Borneo 1964

We have received the following plea for help from those who fought in Borneo. If you can help, please contact the author directly using the details below.

From: Col (Retd) Michael (Mike) Robertson MC, late 60th Rifles, 2RGJ

I have been commissioned to write a book about the war in Borneo 1964 – 1966, a singularly successful campaign in British Military History, but one felt lacking in record.  While there are several books already published, and most contain snippets of detail on the training, low level jungle tactics, equipment, food, weapons, communications, supply, medical, living conditions, humour and so on, there is a shortage of factual and anecdotal record brought together.

It was the first time the British Army deployed operationally after National Service ended, yet retained fighting experience in its Commanders and some soldiers, from World War 2, Korea, Burma and Malaya.  In training it was the distillation of all this knowledge and experience that produced a most effective fighting machine for that unique environment, yet with each party adding its own particular edge and humour, that most important element of morale.  This is what I would like to capture before all those who fought there have gone, and to include as many Regiments as kindly offer their pennies worth.  It may be a good time for reminiscence by the old lags of any rank, and to jot down the odd story, memories of kit that worked and didn’t, incidents, complaints (from the foot powder to the ferocious insect repellent), the introduction of the then new GPMG and 81mm mortar, etc.

I would be most grateful if Regimental Headquarters could identify those who might be able to contribute and get their Regiment in the record, and pass this message on.  Any diaries, articles in journals, letters home, especially photographs, etc will receive due attribution (or not if preferred) and will be returned.

 Thank you.


Michael Robertson

St James House


Wiltshire BA12 7DX

01985 841073

07495 236799