Arnhem 75 Parking

Dear Tour Operator/Traveler,

The Memorial Service on Sunday 22nd September 2019 at the CWGC Arnhem, Oosterbeek War Cemetery in Oosterbeek will commemorate the 75th Anniversary. The memorial Service is dedicated to the casualties of the Battle of Arnhem and will be attended by Arnhem Veterans, next of kin, local inhabitants and hundreds of schoolchildren.

During this extremely busy period the cemetery has limited space for passengers to stop and get off their coach and to board again after the Service has finished. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to park all the coaches at the cemetery and therefore a traffic plan has been set up especially for coaches so that they can get their party off and board in the vicinity of the Cemetery.

If the limited parking space is used, this traffic plan will help you to park your coach near to the cemetery and will allow your travel party to board the coach again after the Memorial Service. To make use of this, you are required to register with the organization of the Memorial Service. Once registered you will receive all the information you require by email. Please register with us by email to:

It is important that you get your party off at the cemetery in good time. The expectation is that thousands of interested people will visit the Memorial Service. Please note that it may not be able to access the cemetery due to the number of visitors expected and the safety limits of the area.  Marshalls will be in place by 0900hrs. The procedure is as follows:

1.  Parking for coaches will start from 0900hrs and go on until 1015hrs.

2.  When the coach arrives at the cemetery, the driver will receive a follow-up number and must communicate this to the travel party in the coach.

3.  The tour director and driver gets the travel party off the coach.

4.  The driver follows the traffic route specified by the organization guided by signs and traffic marshals.

5.  The travel party board the coach again near the Cemetery after the Memorial Service from 12.30 hrs. onwards.

6.  As a matter of safety, only coaches that are issued with a follow-up number issued by the marshals will be permitted to use the parking route near the Cemetery.

Because of these measures, the organization urges the tour operators and larger groups to register at the earliest opportunity.

Airborne Forces Security Fund NL

Organizer of the Annual Memorial Service Oosterbeek.