Appeal Launched to Save Breya Ward

A PARA sergeant has launched a £250,000 appeal to get his two-year-old daughter to the USA for life-saving treatment.

Little Breya Ward has a rare and aggressive cancerous tumour which has taken over her stomach and is squeezing her organs.

Dad Ollie Ward, 32, of legendary 2 Para, and mum Holly Robinson, 28, have barely left her hospital bedside in the past five weeks.

They are convinced her best chance comes from pioneering immunotherapy treatment Anti-GD2 which she cannot get in Britain.

The treatment would be crucial to fight Breya’s stage four neuroblastoma which now measures 18 x 14cm.

Ollie said: “The biggest thing for me all through this has been Breya has shown me how to be strong.

“She doesn’t wake up and get freaked out by all of the wires and machines, she’s got no fear, that teaches me a lesson as well.

“The attitude is lets not worry about anything, lets crack on as normal.

“She doesn’t mope around – I would be moaning all the time but she doesn’t.

To have the Anti-GD2 treatment in this country she has to be accepted on to a clinical trial.

As she has not yet been accepted her family are now pinning their hopes on getting her to the US for the treatment – despite the huge cost.

Holly, a freelance PA, said “daddy’s little girl” Breya was a fighter – just like her hero father.

She added: “Breya’s even OK with her hair falling out because she doesn’t like me trying to brush it.

“I asked her: ‘Do you want your hair or do you want it to fall out?’ and she immediately said ‘out’.

“She can’t really eat that much at the moment but for the first time in weeks she was down playing on her play mat and that was huge for us.

“We know she is a fighter.”

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